Professional Services

Support Contracts


You need an SAP consultancy that doesn't just wipe its hands and leave you to it once the implementation phase is finished. You need someone who wants to stick around and make sure everything is ticking over smoothly and is on hand to come in and make any improvements.

At Percipere we’re fully behind you, always available, and ready to help you move forward. Our support service gives you access to the most experienced functional and technical experts, on-demand. You decide on the level of support you need, whether it is a full-service contract or simply ad-hoc support

Our ongoing support packages include remote help, onsite assistance, and short-term upscaling for small projects. Each package includes a helpdesk system so you can track issues from initial call through to resolution.

Change Request Management


Change request management is a very important part of an ongoing SAP system support landscape. Organizations prefer to manage change requests as smaller engagements; differentiating those from normal incident support and ongoing projects

Our experience of working with Global organizations enables us to manage your Change request management scope working with existing support partners or In-house teams.

We support you with:
  • Full control and transparency over change execution.
  • Deliver predefined change management processes and workflows
  • Support all types of changes (SAP, Non-SAP, functional and technical)
  • Provide link between business requirements and the underlying technical implementation
  • Fully integrated transport mechanism and change control system to manage changes across technology stacks and application components
  • Integrated support via SAP Solution Manager
We support all types of changes:
  • Normal change – Daily maintenance, Post go-live, Release cycle
  • Urgent change – Emergency changes, independent from release cycles
  • Admin change – Documentation only, system landscape
  • Defect correction – Document test defects, and their correction

Optimization & Enhancement


Over the decades, business models have been overturned and technological innovations continue to emerge one after the other – and IT solutions need to adapt to new requirements as quickly as possible. In times of agile development, it is vital to not just implement SAP solutions but also to continually optimize them.

What can you get out of this? Better performance, for one. But, above all, more flexibility to keep up with the pace of digital transformation, as well as support every department in the best possible way.

Your SAP solution should adapt to support your needs.

Whether it is the introduction of new product lines, expansion into new service areas, or corporate restructures, mergers and acquisitions, your business doesn't stay the same for long. To keep your business on the path to success, your SAP solution must be able to adapt to your changing business situation

Making changes to a fully integrated ERP system can be daunting. It is essential that you have a partner who not only understands the complex nature of the software, but also understands business processes. Anyone can change configuration, but understanding all of the different ways those adjustments can impact the business is what's critically important.

Failure to understand the requirements or implications of changes to the system can result in changes that are not implemented efficiently or effectively, creating friction between IT and the business. If changes aren’t made correctly, there could be department or system outages, which not only cause frustration, but cost the company money and let down customers.

At Percipere, we have been providing SAP enhancement and SAP maintenance services to our customers through SAP optimization and new modules implementation. The SAP ERP platform provides deep functionality across the major business functions; customers are not able to leverage the SAP ERP platform to the maximum extent due to lack of expert SAP consulting services, lack of product knowledge and insufficient user training. Our team is committed to extracting maximum value from your SAP investments through SAP enhancement and SAP optimization services.

Percipere is perfectly positioned to help, whether you are implementing new functionality, optimizing existing functionality, increasing geographic coverage, or upgrading your software.

Reach out to us today to learn more about how our experts can enhance and optimize your existing SAP systems.

Coaching & Guidance

SAP coaching is what ultimately enables you to realize the true value of your investment in SAP and deliver all the business benefits you expected before implementation.

Proper investment in effective SAP user training always brings dividends – both during the immediate post “go-live” period, and in the longer term, in the form of top-up or refresher training.

Percipere’s aim is to identify, deploy, refresh and reinforce best practice business processes in SAP, quickly and effectively.

Our key objectives are
  • Optimize your teaching and learning spend
  • Maximize the benefit to your users
  • Improve business performance
Scope of guidance services:
  • Comprehensive Training needs analysis service
  • Coaching programmes and courses
  • Upskill the trainer programmes
  • SAP Support guidance services